Elevate your event to new heights with our range of exceptional upgrades. Meticulously designed to transform your celebration into an unforgettable experience, our upgrades are tailored to enhance every aspect of your event. From creating a personalized atmosphere with monograms to igniting the dance floor with mesmerizing lighting effects and cutting-edge cold sparks. Discover the “more” that will take your event to the next level!

Visual enhancements play a pivotal role in elevating the atmosphere and energy of your special day. From dance floor lighting, uplighting, DJ booth illumination, and personalized monograms, these elements can enhance the visual appeal of any event, making it more immersive and dynamic.

Ignite the dance floor with an array of dynamic lighting effects that sync perfectly with the beats. Our dance floor lighting upgrade creates a mesmerizing visual spectacle. Amplifying the energy and rhythm of the music for your event. From pulsating lights to colorful patterns, this feature ensures that your guests will be grooving under the spotlight all night long.

DJ Booth lighting is equally important, as it not only highlights the DJ as the focal but also adds to the ambiance. We have three options to choose from. We provide a classic set up of a traditional black which is perfect for a more subtle appearance. A full white which covers the equipment and creates a clean look. With the white option, we can affix lights behind the booth. This creates a wow factor as your guests dance to the beat and the lights do the same. Finally, we offer a DJ booth tower, the most modern of our options with a sleek white tower DJ console. This immersive experience enhances the DJ’s performance and keeps the audience engaged throughout the night.

Craft an ambiance that’s uniquely yours with our monogram projection upgrade. We can customize your monogram with your initials, names, date, or even your wedding hashtag. These customized projections give a unique and signature touch to your event that will leave a lasting impression on your guests. Our customizable monograms are a visual masterpiece that sets the tone for your event’s style and elegance.

These stunning pyrotechnic displays emit a breathtaking shower of glittering sparks without generating heat, making them safe for indoor use.

Add a touch of magic to your celebration with the enchanting allure of cold sparks. These stunning pyrotechnic displays emit a breathtaking shower of glittering sparks without generating heat, making them safe for indoor use. Elevate key moments, such as your first dance or grand entrance, with the dazzling allure of cold sparks that will leave everyone in awe.

All of our vintage photo booth collections come with unique props for your guests to use.

With the addition of our photo booth, you’ll provide your guests with a fun and entertaining way to take home memorable keepsakes and create lasting memories. Our photo booth comes equipped with fun props and high-quality photo strips. The photo booth pictures can double up as wedding favors, eliminating the need for additional favors and providing guests with something meaningful to remember the day by.

Photo booths are a great way to encourage social interaction among guests, even those who may not know each other well. It can break the ice and create a friendly atmosphere. It can keep guests entertained during downtime, like while you’re taking formal photos or during breaks in the reception program. While professional photographers capture the formal shots, a photo booth allows for more candid and silly moments that showcase the true personality of your guests.

We know how important it is to see your photos ASAP and post them to social media. We also offer instant online access to your photos within seconds of taking your picture! View, download and share all of your photos even after your event! Whether you choose prints or digital, all photo booth collections include an onsite attendant, professional camera and props and unlimited prints! Looking to save on space? Be sure to ask us about our open air booth! Starting at $850!

Your guests will love these memorable keepsakes.
View, download and share all of your photos even after your event!

We have so much more to share with you! Unveil a world of possibilities with our “more” category of add-ons. From atmospheric enhancements like up lighting, DJ lightup booth, and more to keep your guests engaged and entertained all night long. Our array of additional offerings cater to diverse preferences and event themes.