Marvel At These Extra Wedding Receptions

Bride and Groom dancing with uplighting

As a wedding entertainment company, we experience and ENTERTAIN at 1,000s of Central Florida weddings. Marvel at these Extra wedding receptions that White Rose Entertainment is proud to be a part of.


Clearly, as DJs, music happens to be “our thing”. Therefore, we definitely did a double take when we noticed custom records instead of wedding guest books. That’s a spin down memory lane years later and we are loving it!

extra wedding receptions

Venue: Moss Estate Wedding
Planner: White Rabbit Event Planning

We’ve seen a change of hairstyle from down to up. And the same dress with a slight variation. Such as straps for the ceremony to strapless for the reception. Each could have a similar effect as an entirely new gown or brand-new wedding reception outfit. Whether you’re planning on adding a custom jean jacket to your reception attire, going from heels to sneakers, or transforming your look entirely, it energizes the crowd. Which in turn, kicks things off for dancing!

go set sail

Nina knew how to get her guests ready to dance and how to stay warm with her personalized bridal jean jacket!

Venue: Paddlefish Orlando
Planner: Diamond Receptions
Photographer: Chris Gillyard Photography
Florals: Atmospheres Florals

Feeling HANGRY!

Late-night snacks! Your guests eat dinner and THEN they may have cake and THEN they dance, celebrate, hug, visit with other guests, take photos, sip champagne when they’re thirsty and by the time it’s almost the end of the night, they are typically FAMISHED! Have a snack ready! We’ve seen everything from cake- to- go to candy apple favors, fast food displays, ice cream food trucks (we LOVE Kelly’s Homemade Ice Cream Truck) and a TACO BAR that made us smile!! Taco about a great way to end an epic wedding reception, your guests will be THRILLED, believe us!

extra wedding receptions

Venue: Dr. Phillips House Lake Lucerne
Planner: Anna Christine’s Wedding Planning
Photographer: Kathy Thomas Photography
Food Truck: Kelly’s Homemade Ice Cream

Feeling FANCY!

Pulling away in a gorgeous and special vehicle is nothing new for weddings. And at the end of the evening, after 12+ hours of being the center of attention and on your feet, it IS fantastic when a luxury car pulls up to whisk you away. The driver opens your door, you don’t have to worry about who will drive home and you aren’t the one loading up your luggage. Therefore, it’s the final VIP moment!

That being said, we have seen a resurgence lately in classic luxury vehicles from the ’50s and ’60s and we think that’s groovy! Additionally, we’ve noticed couples taking MORE time out to take photos with their getaway cars.

extra wedding receptions

Planner: Anna Christine Events
Photographer: Concept Photography
Florist: Fairbanks Florist
Glam: Ashmar Beauty and Liz Maldonado Hair
Car Rental: VIP Wedding Transportation