Cold Sparks, HOT Wedding Moments!

hot wedding moments
Adriene + Edward at Bella Collina

Cold sparks have become incredibly popular for couples on their wedding day. It’s a BRIGHT way to mark the highlights of your hot wedding moments! Therefore, if you’re interested in cold sparks for: 

  • A GRAND wedding reception entrance/ introduction, 
  • Your first dance, 
  • A bright exit or 
  • ANY moment you want to SHINE….

there are several tips that will make your cold sparks moment EXCEPTIONAL!

We set up cold spark machines in pairs of 2, yet 4 are even better for the ultimate BRIGHT lights! 

We can use 2, however, 4 is the very least you will want to frame out behind you for your SPARKLY MOMENT! 

White Rose Entertainment cold sparks run for 20-30 seconds at a time. 

They need to cool down in between uses, we need at least 90 seconds in between cold spark emissions. After that, we can run them again.

With White Rose Entertainment cold sparks you will receive 2 spark sessions with this rental.

What should you know when using cold sparks for any wedding or event shine-worthy moments? You want to let your videographer and photographer know ahead of time so that they are prepared to grab footage with the best angles and lighting on their end. 

hot wedding moments

First, our team will take the time to discuss MUSIC for these moments to perfectly time everything! 

Next, we will TEST your cold sparks on-site, prior to your moments to SHINE! 

Finally, we will reach out to your wedding venue and/or wedding planner, to ensure your wedding venue is OK with cold sparks on site! Venues will sometimes require specific paperwork from us and have their own cold sparks requirements. 

Cold sparks generally last 6 seconds. Therefore we review what you’re envisioning for your cold spark highlight. In addition, we will time it for the main crescendo! 

Cold sparks are FANTASTIC for wowing your guests, capping off or concluding, or beginning the next phase of your event (entrances, exits, first dances). They are also a WONDERFUL surprise for the crowd and usually generate a ton of reactions from wedding guests! Are you ready for your hot wedding moment?

Couple: Adriene + Edward
Photography: Tolman Media Central FL
Venue: Bella Collina
Planner: At Last Wedding + Event Design
Decor: Ocean Hawks Rentals
Florals: In Bloom Florist
Glam: Brazilian Concept
Glam: Team Master Hair
Dessert: Brigadeiro Co.
Wedding Gown: Aurora Bridal
Bridesmaids: David’s Bridal

Couple: Ashley + Josh
Photography: Steven Miller Photography
Venue: Margaritaville Orlando
Planner: Weddings by LT Events
Decor: Event Decor by Nadia

Couple: Alexa + Matthew
Photography: Concept Photography
Venue: Bella Collina
Planner: Anna Christine Events
Florals: Fairbanks Florist
Glam: Liz Maldonado Hair
Glam: Ashmar Beauty
Videography: Brandon Kari Productions
Live Event Painting: Event Painting by Jamie
Transportation: VIP Wedding Transportation

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