Let’s Talk Event Lighting!

Here at White Rose Entertainment, we believe that Event Lighting will create the perfect ambiance for your big day. Wedding reception room lighting, your wedding DJ’s facade lighting (the tri-fold stand we place in front of the DJ equipment is referred to as a “facade”), and your dance floor lighting. These are just a few of the ways we can light up your event.

Often times couples want their reception to feel like a club dance floor. For example, they like the party feels that lights can easily create. Other times, couples want the lighting to enhance their wedding theme feel. They want to truly transform their reception space and event lighting is an added layer for that transformation to come to life. Remember, lighting doesn’t just enhance it can also move!

green event lighting at wedding reception
image by Steven Miller Photography

Lighting in general can enhance any event space. We will match your wedding color scheme and more.

Active Lighting + Dance Floor Lighting
Intelligent Lighting

Uplighting is literally stationary lighting. It will illuminate whatever area it points up to. Uplights are typically used to light up backdrops, signature walls where the sweetheart’s table may be positioned in front of, draping, and more. It can also paint the walls of your reception room to make the whole space glow with your color of choice.

Our dance floor lighting moves, it will actually dance and has several speeds. Intelligent or “smart lighting” learns the beat of the music and mimics your copies of the beat of your reception music. Therefore, your wedding dance floor and reception lighting are in sync with the music. Party lights or dance floor lighting are fancy terms for our “confetti” multi-color lighting. In turn, it spins like a disco ball and can simply be added to the area around your dance floor.

confetti lighting during wedding reception
image by Steven Miller Photography

DJ’s facade, a fancy name for the tri-fold cover that we place in front of your DJ’s equipment. When it comes to White Rose Entertainment DJ facades that can incorporate lighting, we have an all-white option. Additionally, the facade will give you the option to conform to any color once the lighting is behind it.

Event lighting will be that wow factor, adding more color and it will create a celebratory mood. It will add fun and be tailored to you!

Not all lighting has to be over the top for a wild reception. For example, lighting can also make a large space feel more intimate and cozy. It can cast a romantic mood by making a non-traditional wedding space feel moodier with amber hues. Event lighting can also dress up rooms that feel stiff by casting a playful vibe. Lighting, just like wedding day florals, linen and rentals can be used in dramatically diverse ways!

bride and groom dancing with event lighting
image by Lauren K Downing Photography

Want more? We have up to 36 intelligent lights! Visit the White Rose Entertainment blog for more real weddings, wedding dance floor, and reception tips and to learn more about our services.

In addition, we offer photo booth rentals too. Did you know EVERY White Rose Entertainment photo booth comes with an attendant for the entire reception? Learn more here!

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